About The Tinker

That's Me, 3rd from the left

That's Me, 3rd from the left

The Tinker? Who or what the heck is that?

Well that would be me. It’s a self-given nickname that I pulled out of one of Louis L’Amour books that refers to the tinker, a master knife maker and sort of jack of all trades.

Because I liked the book and Louis Lamour so well, I adopted the nickname The Tinker.

My real name is actually Rickman Fish and I reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am the webmaster for the website(s) www.atinkersdam.com, www.oldwest.atinkersdam.com, and www.romance.atinkersdam.com.

This blog is in response to requests about more free knowledge about the book, “Arizona In The ’50s” and its author, Betty Barr.

Newly created on 2/25/2009, this blog will inform you about the book, the author, how the book came about, the characters and other good information pertaining to the writing of “Arizona In The ’50s“.

If you are interested in the Old West, its history, the players and the era. Visit the website www.oldwest.atinkersdam.comto find literally thousands of great westerns including audio books, DVDs and ebooks.

This and other blogs will keep you informed of new books added and new website launch dates.

You will find that each website will be genre specific so if you are more of a buff for romance writings, you may want to visit www.romance.atinkersdam.com or the newest, soon to be launched mysteries and thrillers at www.mysteries.atinkersdam.com.

I wish you rainless nights and sunny days,

contact me directly with any questions you may have at support@atinkersdam.com

The Tinker


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